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Wildflowers Native to Your Region

Wildflowers are extremely beautiful, attract pollinators, and reduce the amount of watering and maintenance you will need to do in your vegetable garden. Conventional wisdom is that native varieties should be planted as non-native plants may be invasive, creating problems in your organic garden and the larger environment. Another reason to plant varieties native to your locale is that not all pollinators are found in each zone. So home-growers will want to plant those wildflowers that have developed a mutualistic relationship with the pollinators in their region in order to benefit their vegetable gardens.

A fantastic site for getting information about which plants are native to your region (zone) is the Pollinator Partnership. There, you enter your U.S. zip code to find your ecoregion. Once entered, you will see a diagram of your zone and find a link to your planting guide. The guide has information about the plants and pollinators native to your region.

The guide is helpful, however, you will need to do a bit of research to find the wildflowers native to your region. It is a good idea to know the names of the wildflowers you are interested in planting then you can see if they are listed in the guide.

This video is a great starting place on how to plant wildflowers with tips that can be used by home-growers. This year, I will be planting perennials around the perimeter of my garden and annuals among the vegetable plants.

Though we are not promoting their products or services, we do appreciate Grow Organic creating this helpful video.