Underwriting and Sponsorship



Businesses can support all Decade of Light programs, individual programs, or even or episode by becoming an underwriter. Because your tax deductible contributions help pay for programming costs, underwriting is to pubic organizations what advertising is to commercial entities. Some important reasons why you should underwrite include:

  • Reach an audience that matters to your business or organization: Businesses that underwrite all Decade of Light programs receive a banner ad in the sidebar on the right, which appears on all Decade of Light pages. These spaces are limited.The names of all underwriters are acknowledged on the “Underwriting & Sponsorship” page.
  • Cost-effective Identification: Position your business in front of event participants and listeners by underwriting Decade of Light programs at rates far lower than advertising on other outlets.
  • Tax Benefits: Underwrite Decade of Light programs and grow with our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your underwriting is tax deductible.
  • Business or Organizational Image and Credibility: Associate your business or organization with Decade of Light’s delivery of high-quality programs and content.

Contact us today to for a rate sheet and begin underwriting with us!


Individuals or businesses can sponsor all Decade of Light programs, individual programs, or event or episode. Our sponsors are recognized alphabetically by level. Sponsors can choose to remain anonymous. Contact us today about your tax deductible sponsorship.