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Root Vegetables: Growing Them, Using Them in Foods

There are many benefits to growing and eating root vegetables. They improve physical as well as mental well-being. They grow beneath the ground where they absorb high amounts of minerals and other nutrients. They can be eaten fresh, canned, frozen, dehydrated, and they keep well in a dark cellar throughout the winter.

Christopher Silverton-Thong

Christopher Silverton-Thong

On January 8, my guest will be Christopher Silverton-Thong. He is a health activist, health & fitness trainer, and lifestyle athlete who resides in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Christopher is the owner of CST Health and Fitness and authors a blog about eating real food. He grows ginger, garlic, and turmeric, among other vegetables that he uses in delicious dishes. He also maintains a YouTube page of videos about healthy foods you can prepare using their garden vegetables.

Root Vegetables

Root vegetables. Image provided by Christopher Silverton-Thong



CST Health and Fitness blog

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