Event Theme: Female Sexuality

Event Question: Has the world become enlightened about female sexuality, or is what’s widely “known” still completely, utterly, and profoundly backward?

This clip from Shirley Zhao’s (Director) investigative documentary explores the erotic and nuptial ideals surrounding the role of women’s sexuality in society. For nearly 1,000 years, footbinding was practiced in China. Now, the fabled “Golden Lotus,” the women with bound feet, is a disappearing cultural phenomenon .

[Viewing time 3:35] The House of Film

Julie Bertrand doesn’t get the footbinding history correct, but her expertise in and knowledge of the effects of high heels on the health of women is instructive. Weighing the extensive and often permanent damage, the sexual allure of women in high heels (elongated and shapely legs, the sound of her gait, the sway of her hips) can, at best, be considered only slightly less barbaric than footbinding. Bertrand refers to high heels as the modern-day footbinding practice.

[Viewing time 8:08] TEDx Talks

Event Location: André’s Confiserie Suisse, 5018 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112.
Note on directions to the venue: South of Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd., Main Street turns into Brookside Blvd. If headed south on Main/Brookside, turn/veer right onto 49th Street to get to where Main Street picks up again. If headed north on Brookside, turn left onto 51st Street, turn right on Main.

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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