November 10, 2016

Simone Savannah From footbinding in the Far East, to genital mutilation in parts of Africa, to bodily covering in the Middle East, to sexual exploitation for economic gain in the West, women’s bodies have been policed, brutalized, capitalized, and demonized since the dawn of creation. According to that Abrahamic story, Eve, expelled from Eden along with Adam for engaging in sexual intercourse, bore the blame for enticing intimacy.

The female’s enormous capacity to stimulate sexual desire is not just a function of physical beauty. The female body is a sexual powerhouse! In “The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality” (Seven Stories Press, 1976), Shere Hite noted that it is “widely accepted in sex research that women can have many orgasms in a brief period of time, and that orgasm does not return women physiologically to an unaroused state but rather to pre-orgasmic levels of arousal, which recede only slowly.” When properly stimulated, women can have multiple orgasms within a short period of time in comparison to the male’s usual ability to have only one in that same time span.

No doubt, this ability has everything to do with the clitoris being the only human body part designed exclusively for pleasure. It has twice the nerve endings of the penis. And far from being a tiny bump, it extends beneath the skin along both sides of the vaginal opening within the labia minora spreading into a Y-shape and rivals the size of the penis.

Australian researcher Helen O’Connell claimed in the Journal of Urology (1998) “that the clitoris is larger than even anatomists previously thought. In fact, when considered in its entirety, the clitoris may even be bigger than the penis. However, most of it lies hidden within the pelvis.” As early as the 1940s, Robert Latou Dickinson M.D. in  “Human Sex Anatomy” (Williams and Wilkins, 2nd edition, 1949) arrived at this same conclusion estimating that the length of the average adult clitoris from the tip of the glans to the ends of the crura is about 4″. He also noted cases in which the clitoris was as long as 8″.

clitorisAs powerful sexual beings, women have survived many challenges and threats, have had the honor of incubating every human being walking the face of the earth, and, alone, have the capacity to nourish life.

Salon~360’s co-moderators Dr. Z. Hall and Dr. Brian Cowley, who teaches human sexuality at Park University where he is Professor of Psychology, invite you to join us in dialogue on this and many other fascinating truths about female sexuality as we simultaneously dispel a number of myths. Salon~360’s guest for this event will perform poetry that engages the theme of female sexuality.

Simone Savannah is a poet and Phd candidate in the Creative Writing program of the English Department at the University of Kansas. Her work, which centers women, gender and sexuality, is published in Blackberry, Big Lucks, Powder Keg, Apogee, GlitterMOB, The Fem, Voicemail Poems, and The Pierian.

Preclude‘ (warning: language) in BlitterMOB.

Theme: Female Sexuality

“Golden Lotus” and “Footbinding vs. High Heels” Themed Viewing (recommended)

Event Question: Has the world become enlightened about female sexuality, or is what’s widely “known” still completely, utterly, and profoundly backward?

Event Location: André’s Confiserie Suisse, 5018 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112.
Note on directions to the venue: South of Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd., Main Street turns into Brookside Blvd. If headed south on Main/Brookside, turn/veer right onto 49th Street to get to where Main Street picks up again. If headed north on Brookside, turn left onto 51st Street, turn right on Main.

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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