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Deji Odetoyinbo is an animal lover and veterinary surgeon who was born and raised in Nigeria, and lives and practices medicine in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As a nature photographer, Deji discovered his muse during one immersive and chilly week on safari in South Africa in 2010. He fell in love with its impossibly beautiful landscapes and the incredible wealth of fauna which enrich them. He has similarly been mesmerized by many more beasts and birds, and sky and earth in various parts of Africa, North America and Europe. Through his images, he shares the beauty of these places and the animal beings who inhabit them. Through his work, he draws attention to the fragility of the most majestic animals and the frailty of the most magnificent places. Deji Odetoyinbo Photography
Xánath Caraza is a traveler, educator, poet and short story writer. She teaches at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and presents readings and workshops in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. Her book of poetry, “Sílabas de viento / Syllables of Wind,” received the 2015 International Book Award for Poetry. It also received Honorable Mention for Best Book of Poetry in Spanish in the 2015 International Latino Book Awards. Caraza is a writer for La Bloga and writes the US Latino Poets en español column. In addition, she writes the poetry/narrative section for Revista Zona de Ocio. Xánath Caraza
Jan Gaumnitz is a painter, photographer, sculptor, and printmaker. Though she works in several mediums, there are common threads among them. Jan is regionally base but grew up on a large farm in Minnesota. Her close association with nature has a substantial influence on her life and art. Jan rathers being outside experiencing, collecting and photographing than inside creating work in her studio. Her works are often large-scale. She has an MFA in design from the University of Kansas, and has studied ceramics and bronze casting. Jan investigates sources for new ideas, experiments with old ones, and continues to develop her existing and new skills through workshops and other training, always following the basic fundamentals of art. Jan Gaumnitz