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Salon~360 is in its third season. This monthly event fosters community and growth by immersing participants in experiences of knowledge production, art, and dialogue—aesthetically engaging societies most critical issues. It is a much-needed space for working out a broad range of sociopolitical ideas and concerns in the public sphere, leading to a cross pollination among creatives on new and collaborative projects.

Artists, business people, activists, scholars, journalists, scientists, K-12 educators, and the community gather in discourse. These interdisciplinary events are robust.

It is a safe, comfortable space for creative exchange with a cross-section of individuals who may have been inaccessible outside of Salon~360. It is an important space for civic engagement on pressing issues.

Salon~360 participants observe performances or hear talks and participate in robust discussions around societal issues, which inspire the creation of original, collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.

Salons~360′ signature format is facilitated in a pleasant atmosphere around food and drinks served at a locally owned and operated Kansas City area restaurant, winery, tapas bar, or club.

Like the salons of France and like many in-home congregating spaces outside the Western world, Salon~360 is a hub of artistic immersion, intellectual development, and cultural exchange, hosting local and international guests and participants.

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