Enriquez’s work in this exhibition: Composition

Composition with Geotrichum, Sporidiobolus, Cryptococcus, Pichia and Rhodotorula, the full name of Enriquez’s exhibition work, was inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow (1930).  Mondrian used primary colors and shapes to show things in a reductionistic form. The “primary” colors of yeasts are cream, orange, or pink.

Enriquez transferred Mondrian’s basic principle that fundamental components make up a whole in a literal sense. In all of the research done at the Phaff collection, yeast are fundamental and the driving force for each project!

Composition was made by spreading yeast onto a plate of agar in a Petri dish. Initially, the pattern appeared as scratches on the agar, but after a couple of days the desired patterns appeared as the yeast began to grow.

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