Kyria L. Boundy-Mills

Dr. Boundy-Mills is a microbiologist and an artist whose work engages yeast as a medium. She has curated the Phaff Yeast Culture Collection in the department of Food Science and Technology at the University of California Davis since 2001. She worked with eminent yeast microbiologist Herman Phaff (1913-2001) for two years and took over management of his collection, the fourth largest of its kind, upon his passing.

Utilizing the Phaff collection, Boundy-Mills operates a research program to make new discoveries in the areas of foods and beverages, biofuels, taxonomy and ecology. In addition to growing yeasts for research, her lab personnel occasionally use them as an artistic medium.

Boundy-Mills has a B.S. in chemistry from Hope College, Holland, MI, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. She lives in Davis, California.