DuMar’s works in this exhibition: Queen Anne’s Lace Bud and Flower and Sunflower Opening

Queen Anne’s Lace Bud and Flower

Queen Anne’s Lace is DuMar’s favorite wildflower–lasting, lacy, delicate, undisciplined, unfussy, durable. Mostly, she loves how rain collects in its baptismal basin of threads before it blooms in a meadow. She loves Queen Anne’s lace all year, throughout its lifecycle, in lacy bud and bloom, as well as in its dried and skeletal state through the fall, winter, and spring.

DuMar took this Queen Anne’s Lace Buds and Flower picture by the sea early one summer morning on her walk to Stonewall Beach while staying in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard.

Sunflower Opening
DuMar’s property along the Charles River abuts with Rocky Narrows, a trail owned and maintained by the Trustees of Reservations. Railroad tracks cross the trail at the Charles River over a trestle, and this is where, a year ago, this sunflower stopped her in her tracks. Thriving in the middle of gravel bordering the rusty rails, this unplanted, untended sunflower opened – though not entirely. She gasped with delight. DuMar observed the gorgeous mystery of its brief life cycle through summer and fall.


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