Amelia Fais Harnas

Amelia Fais Harnas is best known for her portraits using her innovative wine stain process on cloth, paper, and wood, adapted from traditional batik and other resist techniques. These portraits, often with swirling auras and glowing halos, deal with the ephemeral nature of moments and relationships, where the semi-unstable and organic characteristic of the medium itself reinforces the idea that change is inevitable and should be embraced.

With informal training as a studio assistant and portrait model to the late Thomas S. Buechner, Harnas’ work is founded on old master techniques and principles. However, under the guidance of her parents’ (both artists), she was encouraged to explore her fascination with devising new techniques and combinations of traditional subject matter and media. Yet another important influence is her training and profession as a medical translator of documents from French to English. Her passion for physiology and organic processes is certainly revealed in her work, especially in her latest wine stain series, #nomakeup, involving self-portraits confronting her struggle with rosacea. Harnas lives and works in Corning, NY.