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Preserving the Bounty of Your Harvest


Fit preservation into your time budget!

Preserving food is a smart way to extend the enjoyment of your garden until the next growing season. Join us on the ‘Time Budget’ radio show today at 7 p.m. (CST) as we discuss several ways to preserve food: canning, freezing, and dehydration.

My guest today will be Lesa DeHaven who was raised around several generations of women who grew their own food and preserved it in various ways for the upcoming year. Though gardening and food preservation was slowly becoming a thing of the past, her great-grandmother, grandmothers, aunts, and mother passed on this knowledge the same way it had been shared for all previous generations. The importance of learning how to preserve food was stressed by these women who had lived through the Great Depression and who understood that one could not always be dependent on others for their food. Every year the family enjoyed raising and preserving food for the entire next year.

Lesa DeHaven

Image provided by Lesa DeHaven

As an adult, Lesa carried on this tradition, raising her food and preserving, first in small ways, only enough to supplement her food supply around her career through small gardens and container gardening. Later, she began to grow and sell surplus vegetables and eggs to local restaurants. It became a love and a passion, more than just a hobby.

Through her connection and love for the Lakota Sioux peoples of South Dakota, Lesa was taught how to dry fruits, vegetables, and meats by grandmothers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. These valuable preservation techniques were the only way the Lakota had to preserve food for the winter months.

Lesa DeHaven can be found on facebook and can be contacted at

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