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Healthy Soil, Composting, and Growing Food in Urban Spaces

Angela Greene has been growing food in Northeast Kansas City, KS, on land owned by her family since 2008. She founded the Salt of the Earth (SOTE) Youth Market Garden and Training Farm where young people and adult volunteers come and receive a comprehensive education on how to take food from the garden to their kitchens and the market. Angela is the undisputed Queen of Garlic in Kansas City.

Angela Greene

Image provided by Angela Greene

Angela empowers residents of urban food deserts to grow what they can, where they can. SOTE participates in various farmers markets in the Kansas City area and supplies garlic and other produce to local restaurants.

Urban Youth Growers

Image provided by Angela Greene

Learn more about Salt of the Earth by contacting Angela by email at:

On April 2, we will talk about healthy soil, composting, and the challenges of growing food in urban spaces. Join us!